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Modified Gallery page SunSet" 11/28/2004 SunSet 2-8-2 D&SL CFWH

Modified Gallery page CNJB" 10/15/2004 CBJB DRGW M78 4-8-2

Modified Gallery page WSM" 10/15/2004 WSM 4-4-4-4 B&O

Modified Gallery page WSM" 10/15/2004 WSM EM1 2-8-8-4 B&O

Modified Gallery page PFM" 07/28/2004 PFM 2-10-4 santaFE

Modified Gallery page ALCO" 07/06/2004 ERIE 2-10-2 R-1

Modified Gallery page MaxGray" 06/28/2004 SP 4-10-2 5000 class

Modified Gallery page LMB" 05/17/2004 LMB 4-6-4 NYC

Modified page WSM" 04/30/2004 VGN Triplex 2-8-8-8-4

Added Books WSM" 03/01/2004 wESTSIDE BRASS Books

Added Books" 02/29/2004 BRASS PFM Books

Added Brass Gallery" 02/13/2004 BRASS Steam Gallery

Added New Design Services" 08/11/2001 New Design Services

Created new Flash page" 08/24/2001 New Flash Main Splash Page

Created Web Site Documents" 08/10/2001 Added Web Site Documents

Modifications to all pages" 08/07/2001 Modifications to pages for consistency

Created Copyright page" 08/02/2001 Installed Copyright Page

Created Privacy Page" 08/01/2001 Installed Privacy Page

Corrected bad links" 07/30/2001 Corrected bad links after search engine report

Created 17 *.shml pages" 07/28/2001 Added 17 new pages LEVEL (3) for kits images

Modified kits page" 07/27/2001 Modified kits page with ALT tag descriptions

Checked all links and mod ALT tags" 07/28/2001 Checked and corrected links and ALT tags

Modifed Turntable page" 07/28/2001 MOdified turntable page

New Search Engine" 07/27/2001 New Search Engine Page

New About this page" 07/26/2001 Created new About This Page

Reconfigured structures papge" 07/25/2001 Created 3 new pages for structures

Changes default page" 07/24/2001 Changes to default page

Changes Rivarossi Page" 07/24/2001 Modifications to rivarossi Page

Changes Structures Page" 07/24/2001 Modifications to Structures Page

Changes to Site Map" 07/19/2001 MOdifications to Site Map

Changes to new Home/Splash Page" 07/10/2001 Layout changes to new Home/Splash Page

Modified default page" 07/10/2001 Modified Front Default Page

Added New Turntable Section" 07/07/2001 KIT Bashing Helijan Turntable

"Implement SSI Server Side Includes 07/06/2001 Using SSI calls within web site

Added New Links" 06/23/2001 Added 6 New Links !

Added Search Engine" 06/20/2001 Added Search from freefind.com

Modified Image borders " 06/16/2001 Turned off blue borders on images

Added Site Map" 06/16/2001 Implement Site Map

Bowser Images" 06/10/2001 Changed image sizes

Rivarossi Images" 06/10/2001 Changed image sizes

Mantua Engine Images" 06/10/2001 Changed image sizes

Kits Page Images" 06/09/2001 Changed image sizes

PRR 4-4-4-4 CLASS T1" 05/21/2001 Included PRR T1

Adding to Table of Contents" 05/20/2001 Modifying Table of Contents

Removed Diesel Image link" 05/01/2001 Removed Diesel Image with ref to Steam

Modified Links Page" 05/01/2001 Added New entries to links page

Modified Table Contents" 05/01/2001 Mod Table Contents as Image

Modified Archives" 04/25/2001 Added 482 Mountain to Selections

Modified "Newsteam.html" 04/25/2001 New Engine on default page, SP 4-8-8-2

DHTML "Whatsnew.html" 04/12/2001 Added mouseover mouseout IE only

DHTML "Guestbook" 04/12/2001 Added mouse click color magenta on guestbook page IE only

"Guestbook" Animation 04/11/2001 Animation added to Guestbook page

New Section "Guestbook" 04/08/2001 Added Forms Guestbook called by Guestbook button

New Section "RR Survey" 03/29/2001 Added Forms Survey for visitors called by Comments section

New Section "Purpose" 03/29/2001 Artistic Elements of MOdel Railroading document

New Table of Contents 03/02/2001 Added Banner, new Table of Contents

New Engine of the Month 02/25/2001 New Engine & New Archive Section

CSS changes to links page 02/24/2001 Incorporated CSS to Links Page

Format changes on toc.html 02/23/2001 Format Table of Contents Page

Changing style of menu buttons 02/16/2001 Change style of menu buttons

Code changes using "css" on default.html:  02/05/2001 Code changes using "css" on default.html

Added full size photo for 464classJ:  02/01/2001 Full Size Image for Class J 4-6-4 NYC

Start using styles in code:  01/30/2001 Code changes using styles

Added Class J 4-6-4 to newsteam.html:  01/23/2001 New Class J 4-6-4 on newsteam.html page

Added Class J 4-6-4 and OleLady 2-8-0 Steam Engines:  01/22/2001 New Class J 4-6-4 and OleLady 2-8-0

Finished 3 Stall Metal Roundhouse :  01/16/2001 Completed 3 Stall Metal Roundhouse

Tips for 3 Stall Metal Roundhouse :  01/12/2001 Building 3 Stall Metal Building

Gallery for Kits Page :  01/12/2001 Building Gallery Introduced

New Addition, Kits Page :  01/10/2001 Kits Page Introduced

New Addition, Proto2000 4-8-8-4:  12/26/2000 Proto2000 Steam 4-8-8-4

Added to the Structures Page:  12/22/2000 New Twin Towers Water Tower

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