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300 Gallon Water Tower Country Store & Saloon Farmers Shed Freight House Depot Station

The TWIN Water Tanks at Bagby, California is a kit offered by "Scale Structures Limited" in California. The kit is all wood with metal castings to give the authentic look of the early 1920's style water tank that according to Scale Structures Limited, "...carried water needed by the small locomotives that were making the trip to Yosemite, called 'Paradise' at that time." It is not a project to undertake in several evenings. Scale Structures Limited is still in business and can be found at http://www.jaksind.com/Scalesl.html For more information about the Twin Towers
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Viewing image size=35.6 KB, Campbell Wood Model Water Tower

The 50,000 gallon water tank by Campbell Scale Models has been a classic kit for many years. When this kit was bought several years ago, the price was only $4.95. Today it is ten times that price, $45.00! A challenging but rewarding kit primarily wood balsa contruction with some metal castings for the pipe and weights. The kit provides one with a tower that is noticeable wherever it is placed on your layout. The roof is so real it appears that you hand laid every shingle!

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