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      Mantua - The Master TrainBuilders

Mantua 2-6-0 Full size Front View Mantua 2-6-0 w/tender Full Size View

              NO ----- You can't find this one anymore !

This 2-6-0 Switcher was a kit model from Mantua in the 1950's. It was salvaged from a junk heap that never worked. Engine has been redesigned with a new Pitman DC motor and missing pieces have been made from scratch including the drives. The plan is to continue restoring to a picture in FineScale RailRoader after the "RIO GRANDE SOUTHERN" 4-6-0 from Berlyn Locomotive Works. The tender is solid white metal as is the engine frame along with brass pieces. This is a collector's item and provides many hours of enjoyment as the engine starts it's re-incarnation.

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Clinchfield 4-6-0 RogersPrices range from $100.00 to $240.00 CHECK these on at http://www.mantua.com

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