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Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy

From the beginning, HO Steam Central has respected and will continue to respect individual privacy.   It is not our intention to collect for use any data such as mailing lists, advertisements or sales information for competitors of possible clients.   There will be no cookies used to track and create user profiles for individuals visiting this site. Although HO Steam Central is logically interested where users go on the site, that information is used to ensure that we are addressing the correct focus; we may adjust the architectural focus, based on feedback from various accesses to different pages.  

Any feedback that you, as a user and possible customer may want to provide is highly encouraged, and appreciated.   If our design services is used by a customer, his/her name will not be mentioned, unless authorized by said customer and only with his/her approval in writing.   Having a good relationship with our visitors to HO Steam Central and possible customers is shat we most value.

Personal Information

The only personal information that HO Steam Central wants to know about is what you may provide us via our survey or by request for design services.   The only way we could know anything about you, is what you have decided to share with us as part of this hobby experience.

How Information is Used

This web site has been designed for an enjoyable experience. It's all about fun.   It is not our intent to divulge any information to other advertisers through this site for embellishing our or their databases.   There is no mechanism available for an advertiser to reach you or any other customer unless you specifically request that information be made public.

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