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HO Model Railroad Steam Hobbyist Central
Unusual hand-made brass engine, 
			 designed by KSM and imported by TOTEM MODELS.

Canadian Pacific Railroad gets prepared for a COLD Winter.    Brass model created by TOTEM MODELS, crafted by KSM, CLASS T4a No. 8000 , 2-10-4

Check out the latest addition: Collectable HO BRASS Steam locomotives that have been bought, refurbished and in some cases re-engineered for HOSteamCentral Railroad. Some may be offered for sale! Here is the current Gallery of Steam

I will be updating the "Gallery" with more pictures and descripions weekly.   This is a snapshot of my current BRASS collection.

an 11 Stall Plastic Roundhouse
Helijan Roundhouse " with 35 interior lights.

Steam Engine evaluation and current Manufacturers models. Also includes references to photographs of mentioned steam engines

Over the previous two years I have purchased over sixty brass steam engines from dealers, e-bay and at auctions.   In Collectable Brass, age has little to do with quality.   Quality is the dedication, attention to detail, painstaking hours of setup time, and inovation in designing a priceless piece of history.   Discovering and purchasing Brass models has created an entirely different portal for the hobby.  Learning how to resistance solder , making jigs and fixtures as well as researching various locations for missing brass parts has made this hobby take on a deeper meaning and appreciation for all of the people who have spent countless hours hand making beautiful pieces of art.   A brass locomotive is truly a work of art.   It is timeless, yet enables one to see the intimate detail and re-creation of a period in our history.

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