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Welcome to HO Steam Central Design Services

  1. What can HO Steam Central Do for You?

  2. Why choose HO Steam Central over other online services?

  3. What kind of work is offered?

  4. What has HO Steam Central done in the past?

  5. If selected, what guarantee is provided on the work?

  6. What is HO Steam Central currently involved in?

  7. Who owns HO Steam Central?

Question 1

HO Steam Central can be a provider of information, a source and locator of manufacturers of HO model trains, and if needed, a consultant to help resolve any tough challenges.   If there is a project and or engine that you've been procrastinating about doing for some time, or would like to investigate the possibility of such an idea and cost, we could be that source.   There is no pressure to do either one.   It's totally your decision.   We are providing an additional design type service if you so desire.

Question 2 & 3

Why should HO Steam Central be chosen over other providers of similar service?   We feel strongly that HO Steam Central can provide an excellent resource in what challenge or engineering problem you may need help on.   This does not presume we are the only source of good engineering solutions on the planet.   HO Steam Central has access to some very experienced individuals in many facets of engineering, including electrical and mechanical.   Because of this experience, we can provide a very sound problem solving and design team.   However, you as a valued visitor and possible customer, should take time to shop on the Internet, wherever, investigating many other possible resources as well as HO Steam Central.  

Question 4

Examples of what has been done are clearly visible on the web site.   In particular are two projects involving the 3-stall roundhouseand the 11-stall roundhouse.   Third, the Mantua 2-6-0 steam engine.  In the beginning this engine could not run, a no-chance of every being a running locomotive, until a serious decision was to make it operational.   This locomotive was rebuilt, including drive train, individual lost wax castings, and some parts hand-made to replace non-existent out-of-date parts.   The engine is still running today and is now 52 years old.

Question 5

If a customer is not satisfied with the work provided by HO Steam Central, a full refund, including any deposit, will be afforded the customer, provided both parties agree the expectations, which were mutually agreed upon, have not been met to the standards that the customer and the provider have agreed upon.

Question 6

Currently HO Steam Central is involved in several projects.   One, finishing and kit bashing the bridge on a bowser turntable, with a design modification similar to the drawing by Harold W. Russell in the Oct 1989 issue of Model Railroader.   Second, retro-fitting and building an original Roundhouse 0-6-0 all metal switcher that had sat in the original box, never built, for over 40 years.   The third project is a all 150 Ton Coal Tower by Sheepscoat Scale Products.   Needless to say, "HO Steam Central is always involved in something!"

Question 7

HO Steam Central is owned,operated and designed by Jan Willard of Mount Airy, Maryland.   Jan works for Compaq as a software integration specialist.   He started working for Digital Equipment Corporation in 1995, then became part of the Compaq Digital merger.   Prior to that, he worked for 22 years in a manufacturing company called Marsh-McBirney, Inc., located in Frederick Maryland.   Jan also has a B.S. Degree in Computer Science, MSCE from Microsoft, and 25 years experience in Model Railroading and Music.   Soon to be provided as a extra link for jazz buffs, is a link to the mp3.com site for the CD that features Jan as keyboardist on the album "Half-A-Wreck."

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