Class J 4-6-4 Steam Locomotive
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Side View 4-6-4 Class J, image size=25 KB

Class J 4-6-4 Steam Engine with Centipede Style Tender

This particular streamline period was from 1941 to 1950.  These engines had Baker valve gears and Coffin feed water heaters.  The drivers were 76" in diameter with a total engine weight at approximately 270,000 pounds.  They could deliver a tractive effort of 44,030 pounds and with a booster up to 53,920 pounds.  Ten engines numbering 5445 and up were designed by Henry Dreyfuss.  Shortly after an incident that involved the hitting of a truck by one of these engines, all streamlined engines in this series had the streamlining removed.   Engines numbered from 5426 to 5429 were designed in stainless steel coverings specifically for the Empire State Express. ( Westcott, Lynn, (1996) Steam Locomotives, Kalmbach Publishing ).

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