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The purpose of HO Steam central is to provide diverse modeling information and design services for HO-scale model railroads including Engines, Kits , Turntables , and Steam History,Design Services and additional categories still to be implemented.  By using the Links page, railroaders can easily select topics of interest via external links provided.  We provide commentary on engines that have been purchased both ready-to-run and in kit-form, from other hobbyists and various members of clubs, hopefully providing an unbiased opinion to those interested.  There are many new sections planned that will include super-detailing engines, visits to various club layouts and new kit projects to be made during this year. 

Requirements Analysis Statement

In early design stages of a layout, engine, or kit, is the Design Services part of HO Steam Central that will offer selected design projects for those individuals that express interest in our assistance in areas, such as: design modification of engines, layout considerations, track, circuit and lighting techniques.   These areas have been selected because of the experience and background in the selected topics.

Some hobbyists want a particular engine, structure, circuit or effect and cannot find the desired resource and or don't have the time, in many cases, to build the project.  This is where we would like to provide that assistance for those requirements.   If there are issues that may are out-of-range for HO Steam Central, there are other resources that are available to assist in this challenge, since Model Railroading covers the same challenges we face in life, just on a different scale.  Any project is handled on a per project basis and agreed-upon charges after a proposal and statement of work are approved by both the customer and HO Steam Central.  We are very concerned with having satisfied customers, probably more than with making money.

File Structure of HO Steam Central

HO Steam Central is hierarchical in terms of the various levels. When one looks at the sitemap, there are several sections on the table of contents page that point to more information on the same topic once this page is selected.  An example would be the Engine page.  Here one can see several categories of manufacturers of engines, steam and diesel.  From within this page, any underlined category, Bowser, will link you to additional information about that engine.  All pages allow you to return to the Home page.  Some pages have additional links to similar internal categories, saving one from going back to the table of contents, without one's becoming lost.


From the Splash page one can enter at different portals to HO Steam Central.  Selecting the yellow banner under the semaphore puts one on the main page of the web site, which is here.  From the main page, one can select any items within the table of contents or selected items from the default page.  Returning to the Splash page is done from the Home key on the main page.  Anywhere else in the site takes you to the Main page.  Each image on the splash page suggestions a different topic one can choose from.   Any comments or suggestions can be placed by using the Survey page, E-mailing us from the Main Page or the guestbook.  We at HO Steam Central hope to have you return to our site many times in the future.  Happy Model Railroading !

Additional Credits

Special thanks go to Jeff Chrisler, who spent several hours helping me design and implement the front page flash video of the steam engine approaching from the distance.   You can see more of Jeff's graphical genius and web design at http://www.wam.umd.edu/~jachris/html2/home.htm.

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