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Limits of Copyright

This website is copyrighted by the expression of an idea(s), not the actual facts or ideas.   HO Steam Central observes and defends the item of "Fair Use" limit of copyright.   Fair Use supports the free use of material to advance public interests, such as education or scholarships and criticism of another's work.  Use of this material to receive income or cause interference with the income of the owner of the copyright, is infringement.   Fairness can be defined as simply giving credit to others' work.   Use this site commercially by someone other than the owner infringes upon fair use.   We do not object to copying material from this website for personal use in the enjoyment of this hobby.  In fact, it is in many ways a compliment to our artistic endeavors.


HO Steam Central has been copyrighted since the year 2000.   Each page provides a notice at the bottom, citing the copyright date and owner, as explained by the Berne Copyright Convention.   Since April 1, 1989, all works created privately and orginally are copyrighted and protected, regardless of copyright notice.   Even though there is no charge to read, copy or scan these works, they are by their inception, copyrighted by law.  None of the material within this website is public domain or ever has been public domain.   Simply, we ask that you respect the same rights we would give you, had the reverse been true.   It is only required by law to register a copyright if an infringment has been filed and the parties are in legal suit over the infringement; otherwise the implied copyright is valid.

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