PRR 4-4-4-4 CLASS T1 Steam Engine
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PRR 4-4-4-4 CLASS T1

Actually the T1 was a 4-8-4, but the divided section in the middle separates the two engines with a pair of cyclinders.   There was a reason for this design of two engines.   By separating the two engines, the length of the side rods was decreased and allowed for better distribution of steam through four cyclinders instead of two.   At first there was very little interest in this design.   It wasn't until 1942 when two engines, number 6110 and 6111 were built by Baldwin for the Pennsyvania Railroad.   These engines could pull 16 cars at approximately 100 miles per hour!   Notice the large tenders.   This was done on purpose to increase the travel distance between stops.   A run from Harrisburg to Chicago with only one stop, was not unusual for this type of engine.   Although there were several different models, the popularity of the T1 dwindled, and they were retired early. There are several different front and side style shrouding's that make this an interesting engine to model for any scale. Preceding information extracted from: Westcott, Lynn H. (1960). Steam Locomotives, 262-265. Kalmbach Publishing Co: WI

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