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   Bowser Big Boy - Ready for super-detail kit!

These pictures capture the beauty of the beast minus the centepede tender which can be purchased from Rivarossi, kitbashed or possibly at one of the Greenberg shows. With only one DC Pitman Motor, two universal joints with metal worm gears, enclosed in a solid metal body that separates at the front pair of drivers, the engine provides a challenging model building experience. This experience may take up to several weeks even months to complete this engine. Being all lead cast with many lost wax castings, offer flexibility and creativity for personalized signatures as well as imitating existing road names. No matter how you size it, the Big Boy is one impressive heavy metal engine that dominates the roadbed.  However, this is in no way a kit for a beginner.   One needs to have built several Bowser engines before attempting this one.

Bowser 4-8-8-4 Full size Front View Bowser 4-8-8-4 Full size Side View

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