CPR 2-10-4 3 Cyl Steam Engine
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{ CPR 2-10-4   3 cylinder}     Hand-Made BRASS Steam Engine


Canadian Pacific Railway
No.8000 class T4a

Full R.H. side view of CPR 2-10-4

Although an impressive heavy locomotive, the 8000 was only active six of the ten years in its existence.  Originally this locomotive was collectively designed by CPR, Alco, and the Elesco Feedwater Heater Co.

This engine had three cylinders. A single high-pressure cylinder mounted in the front of the locomotive, barely visible behind the snowplow, was between the outer two cylinders utilizing a high pressure boiler of 850 lbs compared to the low pressure boiler of 250 lbs for the outer two cylinders.

The first run of the 8000 was in 1931 between Montreal and Smith Falls Canada, ending in May/June 1931 time frame. Even with the ability to overcome 2.2%grades and 15% fuel savings, CPR stopped using the 8000 due to the mechanical complexity, economic depression of the 1930's, and a staff of engineers that were not familiar with the three cylinder engine technology. Sadly, the 8000 was cut-up for scrap in 1940, after being returned to the Angus Shops in the fall of 1936.

Specifications: No. 8000 had 63" spoked drivers with a 15-1/2x28" High Pressure third cylinder and two 24x30" cylinders using a Waleschaert valve gear. The engine alone weighed close to 495,000 lbs. The tender weighing 302,000 lbs could carry 4100 gals. Of fuel oil and 12,000 gals of water. The 8000 could develop in excess of 90,000 lbs.

Comments on the BRASS Model:
It is a very interesting and unusual looking locomotive. Runs fairly smooth with the Sagami Can motor. Highly detailed but not extremely high in torgue and pulling power. Has good resell value and is constructed with the idea of being taken apart. This is not always the case in some of the Korean imports. It is well worth the BRASS BOOK value and then some! Take a look at some of the other views to see more of this interesting steam engine.

Full-views of Engine

Engine - Right-side
2 >Engine - Left-side

Full Views of backhead and Tender(front/rear)

3 >Cab-backhead - view1
4 >Cab-backhead - view2

Under the boiler!

5 >Front-view Drive Train
6 >Left-side Drive Train
7 >Bottom-view-Frame-Drivers

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