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image size=24.4 KB NYC 4-4-4 Class S1

image size=24.4 KB NYC 4-4-4 Class S1


The Class S1 was first known as the 4-8-4 Niagaras.  The New York Central wanted these engines, since in their opinion, these were the engines to have.   However, this did not happen until the late 1940's.   In 1945, NYC received the S1b class engines with 25-1/2" X 32" cylinders, 79" drivers, 275 pounds boiler pressure, and total weight of 891,000 pounds with 61,570 pounds tractive force.   The reason for the centepede tenders was to distribute the total engine weight and tender over a larger area on the track, balancing the load distribution. The 4-8-4 could easily do 928 miles per day, from New York to Chicago or Chicago to New York, without major maintenance problems.   (Steam Locomotive, 1960).

Similar in appearance in the mid 1930's in Europe was the P36 Class 4-8-4 USSR engines.  However, these engines were somewhat heavier than the Eastern Steam Engines of the 1940's.   The similarity was in the front streamlined shrouding that encompassed the front of the boilers and cyclinders.   In comparision these engines were only 582,000 pounds total weight with cylinders of 22-1/2" x 31-1/2" amd driving wheels of 72-3/4".   In 1938 one of the prototype 4-8-4 engines had achieved a speed record of 106 mph, still a steam record held in Russia today( Steam Locomotives, 2000).   Preceding information extracted from: Hollingsworth & Cook (2000). Steam Locomotives, 176-177 Chartwell Books: NJ
Westcott, Lynn H. (1960). Steam Locomotives, 228-230. Kalmbach Publishing Co: WI

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