Twin Towers at Bagly California
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The Twin Towers at Bagly California is an intermediate to advanced kit for those who like to be challenged, but know the rewards of the endeavor.  After I started this kit, I knew that I wanted to finish it.   It is very unique, yet highly detailed, from the metal pieces that come with the kit as well as the accessories and wood pieces.   The drawing sometimes leaves a little to be desired, but with care and patience, one can produce a model very prized and authentic.

The first picture shows the two gentlemen casualing sitting on the top of the tower waiting for a thirsty engine to back it's tender into position.   Notice the chain, brackets and water funnel.   All in tip top shape and working order.   This could be weathered very nicely to fit the period and style of a narrow guage Shay railroad or small frieght engine in some desolate part of Colorado.

The second picture displays the internal plumbing from top to bottom, including a cut-off valve in the middle.  The cast metal pieces help set off the detail and uniqueness of this all wood model.

Viewing image size=67.3 KB, View showing Front of Twin Tanks">

Viewing image size=34.4 KB, Side view Twin Tanks showing plumbing

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