DM&IR 2-8-8-4 BRASS Steam Engine
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{ DM&IR 2-8-8-4 }     Hand-Made BRASS Steam Engine


DM&IR   2-8-8-4  

Full R.H. side view of DRGW 2-8-8-4

Originally Northern Pacific developed the 2-8-8-4 wheel arrangement and respectfully named it the "YellowStone".   The name appropriately was based on the Yellowstone park that was serviced by the Northern Pacific.   The Southern Pacific found these locomotives worthy and ordered a total of 205 of them from Baldwin.   The most impressive of these locomotives was the 200-series that serviced the Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range. A single locmotive could pull up to and including 19,000 tons of iron.   In comparison it took five diesels in 1960 to equal the pulling power of one 2-8-8-4 Yellowstone.   During World War II, B&O ordered twenty diesels, but instead could only get 2-8-8-4's from Baldwin.   This series was named EM-1 but only ran for approximately 10 years before being scrapped.

Specifications: Total weight = 448,000 lbs. Drivers=358,000 lbs.   Tractive effort compound=80,000 lbs. Single tractive effort=96,000 lbs.   Prototype had low and high pressure cyclinders( not modeled as such).

Comments on the BRASS Model:
Model runs extraordinarily well.   Original OFM has been replaced with an NWSL 9600 rpm CAN motor. I place this engine with some of my best locmotives. Powerful, yet can run very slow and quiet.   Has lighting in the front as well as the rear.   Wheel wear in minimual for the age of the locomotive which is probably in the 1960's. Excellent puller and looks great! Standard early Akane solid frame with simple angle frame.

Full-views of Engine

1 >Right side Full View
2 >Engine - Right-side
3 >Engine - Left-side
4 >Front View
5 >Bottom View
6 >Tender Side View
7 >Box Top View
8 >Box Side View

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