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Rivarrosi ready-to-run !

Challenger 4-6-6-4 with Centipede Tender

One of the many new Rivarrossi engines offered with centepede tenders and re-designed running gear. These engines are quiet, smooth and equisitely detailed. This challenger is offerred in several lines with pleasing colors. If this isn't enough, one can super detail these engines with lost wax castings and piping.   The new design does not depend upon the tender for motor pickup, which allow interchangeability of tenders for some interesting combinations.   Centepede tenders for Challengers, Big Boy's, and Cab Forward's are all interchangeable.

Viewing image size=32.4 KB, Challenger 4-6-6-4 Front View Viewing image size=28.1 KB Challenger 4-6-6-4 Side View

Southern 4-6-2 still running after all these years !

This engine was probably detailed after it was purchased several years ago. However, today this engine runs very smooth despite it's age.  Notice the piping and details on the engine and tender that were added later.  These engines survived many years after the demise of steam due to their size and adaptability to different requirements.  This engine is from the AHM distributors as early as the 1960's era.  The tender provided part of the electrical pickup from the cab.

View image size=29.6 KB, Southern Pacific 4-6-2 Full Front View View image size=24.2 KB, Southern Pacific 4-6-2 Full Side View

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